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Nine days nutrition lost out of fourteen

Nine days nutrition lost out of fourteen

It's Nutrition & Hydration week, and the focus for clinicians is to ensure that the people they are caring for receive the right amount of food and fluids to support recovery and optimal health.


Nine days nutrition lost out of fourteenNine days nutrition lost out of fourteen

Nutrition and hydration is never more critical than in the acute stages of illness when a nasogastric tube is more likely to be needed to prevent deterioration of a patient's condition.

At NGPOD Global, we often hear how traditional methods of NGT placement checking impact the treatment and recovery of people who need nutrition, hydration and medication through a nasogastric tube and how NGPOD is making or will make a massive difference to this.

This short video explains how a recently highlighted case illustrates the problems this can cause and how delays can impact recovery.

As part of building their business case for the introduction of NGPOD, a nutrition team reviewed specific cases. In one, they found a patient who had 12 x-rays in 14 days to check their NGT position, 9 of these caused by the inability to obtain aspirate. In those 14 days, because of the delays to treatment while waiting for x-rays to be done and then reported that patient only received five days of the nutrition they needed.

NGPOD eliminates entirely the need to obtain an aspirate pH result because NGPOD does the test at the tip of the NGT, X-rays are avoided, and patients can have their treatment in full when needed.

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NGPod: Stop "Never Events", improve patient recovery and reduce costs

The NGPod handheld devices overcomes many of the risks associated with existing Nasogastric placement confirmation methods.

  • No aspiration required
  • No interpretation required. Get a clear "Yes/No" answer
  • Rapid result [c.15 seconds]
  • Reduce delays to patients treatment, hydration and nutrition
  • More cost-effective than testing with pH strips
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