NGPod is now available from NHS Supply Chain

NGPOD® is Available from NHS Supply Chain!

This week we received another vote of confidence from the NHS as NGPOD is now listed in the NHS Supply Chain catalogue through the new enteral consumables framework.  This makes it even easier for any NHS organisation in England to  purchase as there is now a choice to buy direct from NGPODGlobal or through the NHS SC route.


NGPod is now available from NHS Supply Chain - article imageNGPod is now available from NHS Supply Chain - article image

An important milestone

Marcus Ineson, NGPOD CMO/Clinical Lead commented on this important milestone:

"We are seeing increasing demand for NGPOD across the NHS so this is a very important development for us and our customers that we can now supply NGPOD through this very important channel.   We always strive to meet our customers needs and as NHSSC is the preferred channel for many Trusts we are delighted to be able to provide the product this way."

Find NGPod on NHS Supply Chain

Catalogue codes for NGPOD® are:

NGPOD Device-  FWM4155

NGPOD 92cm sensors – FWM4157



NGPod: Stop "Never Events", improve patient recovery and reduce costs

The NGPod handheld devices overcomes many of the risks associated with existing Nasogastric placement confirmation methods.

  • No aspiration required
  • No interpretation required. Get a clear "Yes/No" answer
  • Rapid result [c.15 seconds]
  • Reduce delays to patients treatment, hydration and nutrition
  • More cost-effective than testing with pH strips
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