POD People – Marcus Ineson

POD People: Marcus Ineson

This month we have our first returner back to the NGPOD Team.

Marcus Ineson – who many people will know from his previous work with us and also in other roles in the enteral feeding sphere has rejoined the team!


Marcus Ineson, Chief Marketing Officer at NGPodMarcus Ineson, Chief Marketing Officer at NGPod

Marcus Ineson rejoins the NGPod team

His key role will be to ensure that in the run-up to product launch and beyond, the product and the resources that support it meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, as well as making sure that where Trusts implement the NGPOD this will be fully supported by the NGPOD team.

On returning to the team, Marcus said:  

“I’m delighted to the rejoining NGPOD Global at such an exciting time with the launch of the product imminent. Patient safety, especially in relation to nasogastric feeding is a real passion of mine which is shared by everyone at NGPOD Global.

The opportunity to contribute to the introduction of a product like NGPOD that will take patient safety in this area a huge leap forward is a unique one.  I’m really looking forward to working with the healthcare professionals involved in enteral feeding again to ensure NGPOD delivers the improvements we believe it will”

If you want to contact Marcus he is available on mineson@ngpodglobal.com or on his mobile 07903 727891.



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