Successful NGPOD Northern Powerhouse Trade mission Medica visit

Succesful NGPOD Northern Powerhouse Trade mission Medica Visit

2021 is proving to be a crucial year for NGPOD. In 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic brought challenges in engaging clinicians who were redeployed outside their usual roles. Hospitals were quite rightly not allowing access to anyone unless the visit was essential.


NGPOD at Medica Trade FairNGPOD at Medica Trade Fair

Since May 2021, we have met UK clinicians face to face, but with few notable exceptions, it has still been challenging to make progress internationally until Medica 2021.

The NGPOD had a very successful trip, supported by the UK Department of International Trade; Northern Powerhouse trade mission provided through Medilink North of England.

As well as meeting with some existing distributors face to face for the first time, the teams' diaries were packed with meetings with potential distributors in high-value healthcare markets, including several European and Middle-East countries.

The NGPOD team would like to acknowledge the excellent support that we received from the Medilink team before and during the event, which contributed significantly to our success during the visit.



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