The NGPod Mobile App

The NGPOD® Mobile App Poll: IOS or Android?

At NGPOD, we took the decision early in the pandemic to stop promotional activities to avoid being a distraction for healthcare professionals at that critical time.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard behind the scenes to try to support you in whatever ways we can. Hopefully, you may have seen our nasogastric tube safety educational videos we have released over the past few weeks.


Should the NGPod mobile app launch first on Android or iPhone?Should the NGPod mobile app launch first on Android or iPhone?

Mobile App Launch

We have also been preparing to return to working more directly with healthcare professionals building our training resources and making sure our roll-out plans are robust and will work in the new “normal”.

As part of the support, we are building an NGPOD App that includes exclusive training resources, clinical information and a user validation test that will be accessible to NHS Organisation training teams to see who has completed training on NGPOD.

To help us make this available, we need your help to make sure we get the development process correct. We would appreciate it if you could answer the question below so we can determine if we should develop the App for Android or Apple iOS first

Which smartphone would you download and use the NGPOD Mobile App on?

  • IOS (Apple)
  • Android (Samsung)
  • Both
  • None

Place your answers in an email to info@ngpodglobal.com. Thanks in advance.

Finally, click HERE and be the first to hear when the NGPOD app is available for download.



NGPod: Stop "Never Events", improve patient recovery and reduce costs

The NGPod handheld devices overcomes many of the risks associated with existing Nasogastric placement confirmation methods.

  • No aspiration required
  • No interpretation required. Get a clear "Yes/No" answer
  • Rapid result [c.15 seconds]
  • Reduce delays to patients treatment, hydration and nutrition
  • More cost-effective than testing with pH strips
Learn more