Volunteer Trial Results

Recent Healthy Human Volunteer Trial Results

We have conducted two healthy human volunteer trials on the NGPOD system. Both studies were sponsored by NGPOD Global Ltd and conducted at Royal Preston Hospital, United Kingdom.


Image of NGPod in useImage of NGPod in use

Trial Results

The first study was conducted on April 13, 2015 and the second on November 24, 2016. The studies collectively demonstrate that the pH results provided by the NGPOD System agreed with the gastric aspirate pH as measured by pH strips.

Full clinical study coming soon.



NGPod: Stop "Never Events", improve patient recovery and reduce costs

The NGPod handheld devices overcomes many of the risks associated with existing Nasogastric placement confirmation methods.

  • No aspiration required
  • No interpretation required. Get a clear "Yes/No" answer
  • Rapid result [c.15 seconds]
  • Reduce delays to patients treatment, hydration and nutrition
  • More cost-effective than testing with pH strips
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