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NGPod Clinical Trial Results

NGPOD® Clinical Trial Results Webinar for Healthcare Professionals – 8th December 6pm

NGPOD Global, in conjunction with the NNNG, are excited to host the global first look at the NGPOD multi-centre trial data and health economic analysis, including a live Q&A.


NGPod Clinical Trial Results Webinar - Covering ImageNGPod Clinical Trial Results Webinar - Covering Image

Webinar Details

It has been recognised for many years that existing approaches to nasogastric tube safety are failing to reduce the number of NGT Never Events and that technological innovation is crucial to make progress in this area of patient safety.

We will be sharing critical results from the NGPOD multi-centre trial and the health economic analysis that show the financial impact of implementing the system.

There will also be an insight into some of the additional information from the trial that relates to non-endpoint data but which may be clinically significant.

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NGPod: Stop "Never Events", improve patient recovery and reduce costs

The NGPod handheld devices overcomes many of the risks associated with existing Nasogastric placement confirmation methods.

  • No aspiration required
  • No interpretation required. Get a clear "Yes/No" answer
  • Rapid result [c.15 seconds]
  • Reduce delays to patients treatment, hydration and nutrition
  • More cost-effective than testing with pH strips
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