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NHS Nutrition Nurse Specialist Georgie Adams implementing Electronic Patient Record Systems (EPIC)

Georgie Adams joins us from Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust to discuss this from a nutriional perspective as her trust has recently migrated to EPIC, a fully digital electronic patient record system.

Georgie Is currently Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist - Nutrition Support & intestinal Failure Service at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust and is also Media and Communications Officer for the National Nurse Nutrition Group (NNNG).


Time Stamps

01:46 You have recent experience of implementing EPIC, how did you feel when the decision was made to transition to EPIC in your Trust?

03:50 Was it relatively straightforward for you to transition over to a fully digital patient record system?

11:35 With hindsight, do you have any tips for other people or Trusts that are about to go through the implementation?

16:15 You've been through all of that preparation and what it was like on 'Go Live' day, what was it like in the period immediately after starting the new system and again is there anything you would say to prepare people for Day 1 and beyond?

22:14 Now you are using the system what are the benefits you are seeing as a multi-disciplinary nutrition support team?

24:01 Is there anything else that has changed from a multi-disciplinary team perspective?

25:52 Putting your NNNG hat on, what do you think the opportunity for Electronic patient record systems are for Nutrition support teams to support and enable more uniform delivery of care nationally?

29:26 As a leader in a Trust have you been able to customise EPIC dashboards so far and how is it working for you so far? Georgie explains what the EPIC system dashboard is like from here device and the wealth of information provided about a patient

33:35 You mentioned a virtual conference for the NNNG, what are the plans for this year and how can people get involved?

36:50 If someone listening isnt a member of the NNNG, why should they join and HOW do they join?


Georgie Adams's Social Links

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgie-georgina-adams-716148105/

Twitter https://twitter.com/georgieadams47

Royal Devon and Exeter Social Links

Website https://www.rdehospital.nhs.uk

Twitter https://twitter.com/RDEhospitals


Their new shiny website https://nnng.org.uk

Membership registration info https://nnng.org.uk/join-us/

Twitter https://twitter.com/NNNGUK

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/national-nurses-nutrition-group/

More information can be found on the EPIC system here: https://www.epic.com/software



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