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Episode #6 - PINNT Ambassadors Gary & Colette Taylor - Let's Talk About HAN (Home Artificial Nutrition)

In this week’s episode we are breaking new ground by featuring someone who uses enteral feeding to share their journey and that of their family. PINNT are the leading UK Charity supporting people who use artificial nutrition, and as part of their new “Let’s talk about HAN” (Home Artificial Nutrition) campaign, our host Marcus Ineson talks to Gary and Colette Taylor.


Gary's Background

Back in 2016, Gary went to his doctors following a football injury to his groin. Following a head to toe examination they found a lump in his neck. He had previous issues with his tonsils but subsequent scans discovered the lump was actually a tumour.

We follow their story from the initial identification of Gary’s condition to starting long term enteral nutrition, recovery, and subsequent tremendous achievements breaking records.

Time Stamps

  • 01:40 Gary can you tell us what happened to you up to the point when you had your operation that ended up with you needing long term enteral nutrition?
  • 09:55 Colette explains what happened to her and the kids whilst they were waiting for the diagnosis and treatment, how that felt, and how they arranged a wedding in three weeks
  • 16:00 Gary straight after the operation you were told you required feeding for 6 weeks through a nasogastric tube, is that how it turned out?
  • 18:30 Colette how was that period of recovery like for you seeing Gary immediately post op and then over the next few weeks?
  • 24:40 Gary tells Marcus the motivation around how he likes to look at photographs during dark times, to see how far he has come and what he can achieve
  • 27:07 When you were getting ready for Gary to be discharged, Colette how were you prepared by the hospital team and how did you prepare the family for that?
  • 31:03 Colette and Gary give healthcare professionals some advice on how they can improve the patient experience in complex feeding conditions
  • 36:00 Gary how did the preparation for discharge go, and when you got home how did that feel for you?
  • 39:08 How did it feel for you Colette that Gary felt that way when he returned home?
  • 41:40 Gary you are a keen sportsman, how did you set back off to getting into sport? [shout out to Macmillan Cancer Support – https://www.macmillan.org.uk]
  • 44:00 Colette explains how they feel (and what they have to prepare) when venturing out of the house
  • 51:01 What’s it like when you go out to a restaurant?
  • 52:36 A lot of celebrations are resolved around food and drinking, do you do those things differently? (Some great tips in here – how Colette got Gary involved at Christmas.. think wooden sprouts)
  • 54:00 Gary talks about how he first got involved in sport again, WHICH ACCOUNT IS TRUE??
  • 55:21 Gary talks about his achievements to date – London Marathon (first tube fed person to complete) – Ran the Three Peaks – Great North Run – Yorkshire Marathon – London marathon (sub 4 hours) – 375 mile Cycling Challenge in 5.5 days from Christchurch to Durham for HAN Week 2020
  • 57:00 People might see all these challenges Gary, but what goes into these challenges planning wise in terms of logistics and nutritional intake?
  • 60:00 Your dietitian and nutrition nurse actually came running with you didn’t they, what did they (and you Gary) learn from this?
  • 61:43 When Gary said he was going to do the London Marathon Colette what did you think?
  • 66:45 What is the next big challenge Gary?
  • 67:44 Can you tell us what PINNT has done and what PINNT means for you since the start of your journey?



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