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22 year old PINNT member Leanne Goodlad joins us to discuss her enteral feeding journey

This weeks episode is part of the NGPODCAST® partnership with PINNT to support their #LetsTalkAboutHAN campaign, by talking to people that use Artificial Nutrition


About Leanne

This week we are joined by Leanne Goodlad who is 22 years old and from the Shetland Islands.

She is a university student studying for a law degree at Dundee University Leanne has been using enteral feeding through a nasogastric tube and then a nasojejunal tube since 2019.

Time Stamps

01:40 Can you tell us how you came to be on enteral feeding?

03:55 You've been using NG/NJ tubes now for 18 months is it the plan to use tubes long term?

05:40 whats it like using an NJ all the time? Are there any issues?

09:38 It must be a shock when you woke up and was told during sedation you kicked him in the face!?

10:52 When you were placing tubes on yourself did you do the pH test to determine placement?

11:34 You mentioned about other issues with your feeding tube with people quick to judge you on what your feeding tube is for?

13:49 You said you are trying to move to overnight feeds, are you hoping that you will feel less encumbered with that arrangement?

15:49 Leanne talks about her jobs at university and the issues she had not being able to go back to work in her old job at a supermarket due to the timing of her feed

21:25 Leanne and Marcus talk about how the majority of celebrations and university events are centred around food and drink and how difficult it is not being able to take part

25:48 are you going back to university to finish your final year?

27:14 How has PINNT helped you since you have been a member?

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