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Jenny Eastham PINNT Member talks about her enteral feeding journey for #LetsTalkAboutHAN

This week for #HANWeek2021 we continue our collaboration with PINNT in our #patientstories collaboration with leading enteral feeding charity.


Jenny eastham has used enteral nutrition through a gastrostomy to meet her nutrition and hydration needs. She has had various tubes and various degrees of success which we discuss all about with Jenny in episode #11 of the NGPODCAST.


Time Stamps

01:52 You've been using enteral feeding for around 6 years, but your journey began a long time before that, can you share with us what led to you being enterally fed?

08:54 You had a long history of issues with your voice, but you went into hospital being able to eat and drink and you werent expecting to come out not able to. What was it like adjusting to not being able to eat or drink?

10:32 What was it like at family occasions/parties etc when you couldnt eat or drink?

14:35 How do you have to adapt when going on holiday, or do you still go on holidays?

19:48 In general on a day to day basis, how do you use your enteral feeding and do you have a standard routine?

21:11 How long have you been able to have a bit of yoghurt and a bit of soup and what has it meant to you being able to do that?

22:15 If you get a tube blocked or a problem, what is it like trying to get that sorted out? Any specific instances you recall?

30:20 How did you get involved with PINNT and how has it helped you?


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