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PINNT Member Don Colley joins us to discuss enteral feeding and 3D printing at 90 years old

This weeks episode is part of the NGPODCAST® partnership with PINNT to support their #LetsTalkAboutHAN campaign, by talking to people that use Artificial Nutrition.

We are joined by Don Colley, a PINNT member who uses enteral  nutrition via a gastrostomy to deal with his nutrition and hydration needs.


About Don

Don has been treated for GI problems since he was 14, which for him means before the NHS even existed, as he is 90 years old. Despite this, Don has had a very interesting and varied life and he has always been a problem solver, he continues this with his enteral feeding by designing and 3D printing solutions to the problems he is facing.

Time Stamps

  • 3:01 Let's focus on your journey, your first encounter with the healthcare system was when you were 14, in 1944 (4 years before the NHS was founded) Can you tell us a little bit about some of your initial treatments and how these effected you?
  • 06:25 You've done a lot of adventurous things - were there any times that these activities were effected by you not being able to eat?
  • 07:38 You dived off the Marie Rose, when did you do that and how did you get involved?
  • 08:55 Eventually after years of being able to manage, your problems got worse and you had to move onto artificial nutrition, how long have you been on artificial nutrition?
  • 10:05 How do you organise your feeding regime and managing it so that it works with your life?
  • 12:25 What were the most significant issues for you at the beginning of your artificial nutrition journey and is there anything you still find difficult or miss even now?
  • 15:10 You came into contact with PINNT pretty early in your journey, how did you find out about PINNT and how did you get involved?
  • 19:45 You also get involved with helping other people who are beginning enteral feeding, how do you do this?
  • 21:33 You mentioned you had a hemorrhage in your oesophagus before you went into hospital, you were surprised that some of the staff didn't know anything about enteral feeding - what happened in that situation and did it affect the way your treatment went at all?
  • 22:58 How many years have you been married now Don?
  • 23:22 You design and 3D print your own equipment for issues you have with your feeding system, what triggered you starting to print things that help you with your feeding system?
  • 25:58 Don shows us his version of the 'swiss army knife'
  • 28:35 Don shows us his 3D printed stand as the one issued by the NHS was too heavy..
  • 31:58 We asked Don to print the PINNT logo, he shows us his idea and improvements for the next print!

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